Solomon Islands

The 2019 Missions project for Cadets & GEMS will be to raise some much needed money for the Honiara Hospital School in the Solomon Islands. This is a small school that the churches of Australia built through SWIM in the Solomon Islands. The hospital school is located at the Honiara Hospital (major referral hospital to all of the Solomon Islands). It was built for the children who missed school while they were at the hospital waiting for parents or siblings to recover from illnesses (often for months on end).

This mission will provide the opportunity to let the Cadets & GEMS of New Zealand know more about this mission in the Solomon Islands. The mission badge work material will be able to be completed in one night and consisting of:

  • Devotion / Short Bible Study
  • Information about Solomon Islands and the mission
  • Craft activity (themed around the mission or fundraising goal)
  • Game idea (something the locals might play)
  • Fundraising goal
2019 badge for SWIM

Material for Clubs